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Microblading • Ombré Brows • LASH EXTENSIONS


Orlando Brow Lounge was founded by Frankie Jeanty, a former makeup artist and 4x certified brow artist with an overwhelming desire to uplift and empower women through creating genuine connections and beauty enhancements that build confidence.

"I've always had a passion for making women feel good about themselves."

Frankie Jeanty


Permanent Eyebrows Makeup
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 A manual cosmetic tattooing technique that creates individual hair strokes and gives the look of a perfectly filled eyebrow. This option is best for those who prefer a more natural look or those who have brow hair but want a more defined shape.


Also known as powder brows or shading, achieved using a small machine. Brow artist uses the machine to disperse extremely fine dots of pigments evenly into and across the skin in an airbrush or shading technique. This option will result in a soft powdery brow with a faded front and a crisp tail, best for those who like a fully made-up look . 


A technique that combines microblading  & shading to give a 3 dimensional look, or to better blend natural hair with microbladed hairstrokes. This technique is especially ideal for those with very little to no brow hair, or those with dense natural hair in a concentrated area. 

Body contouring



Services include:

Laser Lipo


Radio Frequency Skin tightening


Thank you to our clients for rating us 5-Stars on Google!

I was so nervous, but Frankie was super sweet and patient with me. She took the time to talk me through the service step by step and even offered to let me reschedule if I wasn't ready to go through with it just yet. After calming down a little I figured I already came all this way might as well just do it. Frankie wen the extra mile and even put on some relaxing music and aromatherapy to further help me calm my nerves. After the first few minutes with some numbing cream I couldn't feel a thing and my brows look amazing! So happy I don't have to fill them anymore. Thank you again!


"Frankie" is the best! If you go anywhere else you're not only wasting your money but also your time. She's very upfront and honest about what to expect through the different stages of healing, and is extremely sweet. Her communication is on point as well.


My life was literally changed by this beautiful soul. Every single day I had to sit in front of the mirror and draw my eyebrows. Now makeup that used to take me 45 minutes, takes 10 minutes. I highly recommend Frankie to everyone who crosses my path. Frankie, keep it up. The sky is the limit and you will fly high with all this talent of yours. Thank you for making me feel prettier and for making my life SO much easier.

Kris Kimberlee

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